Kitchen Waste Reusing 101: Eggshells

By Ajibola Ameerah Eggs are an excellent source of protein and choline, they are very affordable, found almost everywhere and can be consumed solely as a dish or combined with several other ingredients to make amazing delicacies. The question is, what do we do with the eggshells? Majority of us count it as waste and […]

Emerging Waste Recycling Movements in Africa

Around the world, uncollected trash is a very big problem and Africa is not left out in this. However, in the midst of this big problem, waste collection and recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry in developed countries.

Recycling Glass… Why should I?

Glass makes up a large component of household and industrial waste due to its weight and density. The glass component in municipal waste is usually made up of bottles, broken glassware, light bulbs and other items.

Youth Impact on the Environment

In light of World Youth Day (a UN International Day) on August 12, this month Wecyclers looked into the impact of the youth on the environment. We sat down earlier this month with Mrs. Cynthia Saka, a waste management and recycling entrepreneur, to discuss this intersection of the youth and the environment and to get her thoughts and insights on this important issue.

Wecyclers Cleanup Day

Join us as we keep fit cleaning up the community by promoting recycling in Lagos communities.