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Ways Your Business can Benefit from Recycling

We recently joined our joined our friends, Sterling Bank to share knowledge and mark 1 year as our corporate recycling subscriber. Through our  corporate recycling programme, we have learnt lessons on why businesses should take waste management seriously and the inherent benefits, see some of these here:

Waste management could have a bigger impact on your business than you think…

Do you know what happens to your business’ waste once it’s been collected? Not many people do. In fact, not many people are interested in what really does happen to their waste.

It’s this way of thinking that can result in your business having a negative impact the environment. But that’s not all – it can also mean that you’re not getting good value for money with your waste management services.

Additionally, under the Waste Regulations, businesses that produce waste legally have a duty of care for its safe disposal. Therefore, whilst you might be content with simply knowing that your waste is gone, it could be more beneficial for your business to know exactly where your waste is going and that you have the appropriate documentation to prove this.

Recycling is one of the most recognised ways of making your business greener. For even more encouragement, we’ve put together this nifty list of just 5 of the key benefits that recycling can have for your business.

1)  Minimise your environmental impact

First of all: are you confident that your waste isn’t going to landfill? Whilst landfill disposal may seem like the easy option, it in no way supports our environment.

Ultimately, landfill disposal offers no beneficial end-game for waste materials such as other disposal methods like recycling. When you recycle your waste materials, this gives them the opportunity to be used as a resource to create new products for the market. This means your business is helping to contribute towards a circular economy, by extracting the most value from your materials.

Additionally: landfill sites produce landfill gases, of which two major components are CO2 and methane. Both of these gases have an influence on climate change. By encouraging that as much of your waste is diverted from landfill in favour of greener routes, this helps to improve the impact that your business has on the environment.

2) Save your business money

Is your business spending too much money on waste management? As landfill tax continues to rise, recycling your waste remains to be a much more cost-effective solution for your business.

Recycling encourages as much of your waste as possible to be diverted from landfill. This helps to cut down on disposal costs by reducing the burden of rising landfill tax, helping to save your business more money.

3)  Improve your business’ reputation

When you put in the effort to recycle your waste (which, really, doesn’t require that much effort at all), you showcase to your customers that you care about your social and environmental impact. Go you. In return, this can earn you more respect from your customers and encourage them to use your business more.

What this means: potentially, letting our customers see you as an environmentally responsible business could help to boost your reputation and your sales.

For this to happen, you should encourage others in your workplace to support your mission too. Additionally, you should make sure that you a receiving a sustainable solution from your waste services provider so that you can be confident your business is doing the best it can be to support the environment and improve its reputation.

4)  Get a competitive edge over your competitors

Recycling is a sustainable solution for your business waste and it can lead to a positive impact on your brand value. Promoting your business as being sustainable and environmentally conscious can help give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Bonus: Having that environmental aspect to your brand could potentially increase the desirability of your product or service to customers who care about their own environmental impact.

As environmental responsibility becomes increasingly important to a business’ brand value, it is essential that you actively work to improve your environmental impact. Encouraging recycling and landfill diversion is a huge step in the right direction.


5)  Overall peace of mind

We’re already established the key benefits that recycling your waste offers your business and how simply improving the way your business treats waste can give you the opportunity to see more benefits for your business.

Another tip is to make sure that you can rely on your waste service provider for a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Having a provider that you can trust will give you peace of mind that your waste is being managed both effectively and ecologically.

Knowing that your waste is being recycled and recovered by specialists means that you can focus on what really matters – running your business.

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