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RecycleGO Helping Wecyclers to Solve Lagos Waste Crisis


RecycleGO is proud to announce its launch in Nigeria providing a customized scheduling solution to Wecyclers, a household recycling service in the capital city of Lagos. Using a fleet of low-cost cargo bikes, Wecyclers helps communities capture value from their waste. Lagos, the African continent’s most populous city, provides an ample proving ground for RecycleGO’s technology-based sustainability tracking and evaluation services as the company begins to expand beyond the US marketplace.

Lagos faces a sobering waste crisis that, if not properly addressed, will only worsen. The city’s population stands at 21 million people today and is projected to double within 30 years. The overburdened municipal government collects only 40% of city garbage and a mere 13% or recyclable materials are salvaged from landfills. People living in slum conditions without formal waste collection are subject to increased flooding, the spread of disease, and psychological stress that results from unmanaged trash heaps. Concurrently, recycling firms in Lagos face a supply constraint, as they cannot access an adequate supply of quality recyclable material to process. One large recycling firm is operating its facility at 50% to 60% below capacity. Wecyclers gives low-income communities in developing countries a chance to capture value from waste and to clean up their neighborhoods though incentive-based recycling.

RecycleGO’s location-based scheduling and tracking software will enable Wecyclers to operate more efficiently while providing the data analytics to continually improve recycling efforts. Wecyclers CEO Wale Adebiyi explains, “Wecyclers is excited to be in partnership with RecycleGO to drive positive change in the recycling space. We believe that in order to be successful in a challenging environment like Lagos, we have to employ cutting edge technology in our business and RecycleGO provides that. The location based tracking software will help us manage our fleet of WECYCLERS to ensure the most efficient and cost effective collection operation in the business.”

About RecycleGO

RecycleGO was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide sustainable recycling solutions that mutually benefit business and the environment. Founder and President/CEO Stan Chen brings over 20 years of experience in recycling and a vision to make a positive impact on the environment by using new innovations in the relatively tech-dormant recycling industry. Co-founder and CTO Jan Gerards has a deep background in project management, software system architecture design, and business consulting for enterprise-level software implementations.

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