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From a subscriber to an Apostle; Jubril shares his story


Mrs Katimi Jibrin

Mrs Katimi Jibrin A.K.A Hajia is a supervisor at Wecyclers and manages 23 sorters and six recycle boys. Asides been a family woman with children on the home front including Jummai, her weekly routine involves managing the people who work with her at the hub and on Saturdays she joins the team on pick-ups and routine inspections in a view to ensure customer satisfaction.

Joining her on a Saturday inspection ensured we had a feel of what she thinks about Wecyclers and as well getting feedback from customers. Mrs Jibrin an indigene of Kogi state has been working with Wecyclers for over a year however she has been into recycling for a longer period working with an organization that makes use of recyclable materials to produce new products. However Hajia thinks Wecyclers idea is novel and completely different and with wages far above the national average, she says staffs under her are a lot happier and the prospects of growth is enormous. In one year, Hajia says her team has been able to expand its reach to several communities and there are more in sight.



Mrs Katimi Jibrin weighs Jubril Aminu’s waste

Hajia and the team are picking up from a neighborhood that includes a regular subscriber who doubles as a Wecyclers staff; Jibril Aminu is a student and rounded off  his O/levels this July, Wecyclers has however given him an opportunity to earn from his waste first through the exchange of waste for value ” I go as far as three streets away every morning to pick up plastics so my points can increase” and as well earn from his skill, during school vacations, he works as a “recycle boy” riding one of the wecycles around streets for pickup of recyclables within the neighborhood.


When we go on vacation i come to my job at Wecyclers, and when we resume i go back to school

In less than a year of getting to know about Wecyclers, Jibril has redeemed his points for several items including gas cooker, toaster, cash rewards e.t.c noodles this excites him but what makes it a lot more fun for him is the opportunity to earn and have his holiday properly utilized working as a recycling boy and contributing to keep waste off  the streets. Jibril says he has become an “Apostle of Wecyclers” as he has told people around him about the initiative and more importantly displayed his rewards.

Jibril is resuming at the hub next month having finished his high school year but he is aiming high and would want to go to the university soon. “I am resuming at work so I can save a little to go further in school.” he adds.

Hajia and Jibril and other members of our team ensure our work goes on well contributing to the success we currently have and prospects of getting better at what we do.

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